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The Department of Mathematics came in to existence with the establishment of the institution in 2001 to cater the Mathematical needs of engineering community.  Presently there are nine faculty in the Department of which two are Professors, two are Associate Professors and rest are working in the capacity of Asst. Professors.  Faculty members of the Department  are specialized in the areas like Cryptography, Linear Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Statistics, Topology, Graph Theory, Combinatorics  etc.   The Department has organized many workshops and Faculty Development Programs on various topics like Cryptography, Discrete Mathematical Structures etc. The faculty members of the Department are involved in innovative teaching and training Mathematics at all levels from school to university.  The Department is involved in bringing problem solving culture to the scientific community around. Further the Department is mentoring persons who are inclined towards Mathematical research. 




Inspiring students to learn how to think logically and mathematically and understand the construction of Mathematical arguments and also to find optimal ways to solve engineering problems and problems in our daily life.




To create an environment in which the students become competent users of Mathematics.

To train students so that they can experience the mathematics underlying various real life situations they go through in their professional lives.


    • The department has been frequently organizing In-house FDPs, Workshops on various topics for the benefit of the students and faculties.







    • Bridge Course:


    There is a gap between Pre-university  level Mathematics and Engineering Mathematics.  To fill this gap we have been conducting a Bridge Course for first semester engineering students since two years. In this Bridge Course, we taught about elementary concepts like Differential Calculus, Integral
    Calculus, Trigonometry, Logarithms etc. This effort has been widely appreciated by engineering students community and also by their parents.


    • Maths Club:


    A forum for students and faculty named Problem Corner interested in fine tuning their problem solving abilities was started in August 2011 under the aegis of the Department of Mathematics. The broad idea of starting this forum was to discuss issues related to engineering in which mathematics plays a central role. Under his banner several discussion sessions involving problem solving have been held. There also have been monthly contests in which students who have given satisfactory solutions to the proposed problems have won cash prizes. A sample of contests is appended here.




    Beginning from August 2011, the college is starting a new platform for students desirous of getting into habit of solving mathematical problems.


    A set of problems will be displayed on the 1st of every month. C.I.T. Students providing complete solution to the problems shall be awarded a cash prize of Rs 2500. Solutions must reach Dr K Shambhulingaiah of Mathematics Department on or before 15th of the corresponding month (or the next working day if 15th is a holiday). Solutions may also be emailed to


    Prize will be shared equally if there is more than one winner. Judges may decide to call for a presentation of solutions by the student, if need be, before finalizing the winner(s). Prize winners shall be announced before the end of the month.Any student getting 6 or more prizes in a calendar year will get an additional prize of Rs 5000. 


    Problems for Aug 2011:


    1. Prove that 2 and 3 are the only two consecutive integers that are prime.


    1. Prove that 3, 5 and 7 are the only three consecutive odd integers that are prime.


    1. Prove that if p and (p2 + 8) are prime, then so is (p3 + 4).


    1. Prove that if p and q are successive odd primes and (p + q) = 2r, then r is composite.


    1. Prove that if p and (p2 + 2) are primes then (p3 + 2) is also prime.




  • Dr. C.R. Pradeep has involved in the work of preparation of “MATH ACTIVITY MANUAL”, which is a part of the project “CELEBERATION OF NATIONAL YEAR OF MATHEMATICS -2012”, granted by DST NewDelhi.(2012).



  • Dr. C.R. Pradeep has involved in conducting and also setting question papers for  
    “DISDRICT LEVEL MATHEMATICAL OLYMPIAD”   for Tumkur district high school      students starting from 2012.



Dr. C. R. Pradeep , Professor in the department of Mathematics, was honored with “TUMKUR RATHNA” award for his dedication and involvement in teaching, research and social service. He has been popularizing the Mathematics in the students community and also teachers from school level to university across the state and also outside.






07. Dr. B.R Shankar, Professor, Dept of Mathematics, NIT Karnatka on 19-Jan-2018 for FDP

08. Dr. C.S Aravind, Professor, TIRF Bangalore on 19-Jan-2018 for FDP











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