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Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology
N.H. 206, B.H. Road, Gubbi, Tumkur 572 216
(Near Bangalore), Karnataka, India.
Tel : 08131 223818 / 223365 / 223144
Fax : 08131 223177
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  • General Rules and Regulations
    • Each Participant must bring bonafide certificate & Identity card from their respective institution.
    • Accommodation will be provided on request for the out-station participants on prior information.
    • Transportation facility will be provided (only in specified timings) from Tumkur (Via B.H. Road)


    Event Rules and Regulations


  • Technical Paper Presentation
    • Paper must be as in the template given in our college website.
    • Selected papers will be given max. 10 min for presentation and max. 02 min for discussions/queries.
    • Two hard copy’s and one soft copy (in CD) of selected paper must be submitted at the time of presentation
    • Session chair’s decision will be the final.
  • Hobby Project Exhibition
    • A team can have a maximum of 4 members.
    • Teams will be given a space to set up their prepared/ design models to display and demonstrate.
    • Students can be allowed to display the synopsis based on their project.
    • Participants should bring all their requirements such as Laptop, power supply adaptors and other accessories required to demonstrate.
    • Basic requirement (i.e.) electric power supply of 230V AC will be provided.
    • The decision of the judges shall be treated as final.
  • Robo-Feast:
    • Each team consists of four members (maximum)
    • All team must adhere the timings at the time of exhibition.
    • Participants should not dismantle their robots before the announcement of the judgment.
    • Teams should bring their own batteries, power supply adopters and accessories required for the exhibition.
    • Robot should not be ready made (preferably assembled by the participants)
    • Basic requirement (i.e.) electric power supply of 230V AC will be available.
    • Decision of the judges shall be treated as final and binding on all.


  • Circuit - Debugging:
    • It is an Individual Participant event.
    • The participant has to clear prelims before going for Main contest.
    • Contest will be conducted for One hour.
    • Participants may be asked to give a write up on the detailed diagnosis process
    • Winners will be chosen based on approach towards analyzing and diagnosing / debugging the given circuit
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  • Sculpture::
  • Theme: Helicopter

    • Team should consists of maximum Three members.
    • The participants have to bring their model which is constructed using the mechanical components like Spark plug, Nuts, Bolts, Etc.
    • Participants should exhibit their model in front of Judges.

      Note: Following criteria may be considered for the judgment


    • Number of Components used.
    • Appearance of the model
    • How relevant with the theme.


  • Solid Modeling:
    • Software used for 3D Modeling: Solid edge V19/Auto CADD Inventor -2014.
    • It is an Individual Participant event.
    • Competitors will Model a Number of parts and assemble them.
    • Competitors will Model a 3D CADD object and Assembly within a designated time period.
    • The Time limit will vary from 2-3 hours and it will be intimated at the beginning of the event.
    • Decision of the judges shall be treated as final and binding on all.
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